Nicoyans Block Pan-American Highway and Reach Agreement with Conavi

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A group of people from communities and organizations of Nicoya blocked the flow of traffic along the North Pan-American Highway on Monday, June 17, at the intersection of Limonal de Abangares.

The demonstration started at 9 a.m. with more than 1000 people marching from Mansión, Moracia, Pozo de Agua, Quebrada Honda, San Antonio and other areas, demanding maintenance of their communities’ roads from the republic’s central government.

In addition, staff members from La Anexion Hospital were present to demand a larger budget for the institution and the appointment of medical specialists.

At around 3 p.m., the block was lifted, after the arrival of Cristian Vargas, director of roadway conservation from Conavi, who signed a document establishing the maintenance of the routes in a period of eight days.

However, Julio Viales, regional director of MOPT, doesn’t think the work on these routes will be done during this time period since “Conavi takes eight months to make a contract to give maintenance to a route, due to which I don’t believe it will be achieved in 8 days” and added, “In addition, Conavi doesn’t have the money to do it.” 

Suray Carrillo, coordinator of the La Anexion Hospital Defense Committee, explained that “although there is a commitment from Conavi, with the signing of the document, we won’t believe it until we see the machinery working.”

Carrillo mentioned the lack of response from any government authority regarding the points demanded for strengthening the La Anexion Hospital, so they plan to continue with the mobilizations, and she didn’t rule out joining the possible protest announced by the Tecocos Committee for July 25.

Wilmar Matarrita, coordinator of the march, assured that they will be monitoring the fulfillment by Conavi of the agreements that were reached.