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Nicoyans Open Annexation Festival with Rhythm and Color

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Nicoya welcomed the opening ceremonies of the festival commemorating the 190th anniversary of Costa Rica’s annexation of the District of Nicoya.

On the night of Tuesday, July 22, the streets of the canton were lit up with electronic signs alluding to the annexation.

A parade of bands began at 6:30 p.m., leaving from the courthouse and finishing at the colonial plaza.

Twelve bands provided music, color and dancing, including the Ojoche Dance Company, the Nicoya Colonial Band, the Nicoya High School Band and others. Hundreds of people filled the sidewalks to see the spectacle.

Miguel Angel Zelaya, a member of the city’s culture committee, was satisfied by the public’s participation. “I am surprised by the large number of people who came out to the streets to enjoy the parade; I’ve come on other occasions but this time the number of people surprised me,” said Zelaya.

Guillermo Manzanares, a retired music teacher, applauded the organization. “It’s great that they organize this kind of event every year. This year they found good bands and it’s great to have this spectacle in Nicoya; it’s a boost for the young musicians.”

For her part, Carmen Lia Juarez, president of the culture commission, took the chance to invite the public to attend the festivities scheduled for the week.

“We invite all Guanacastecans to come and celebrate the annexation festival with great pride, as well as those who visit from outside the province. Here they will find great hospitality, human warmth and a show of well-known cultural groups and a lot of Costa Rican folklore.”

The festivities continue today, Wednesday, with a marimba concert in Recaredo Briceño park at noon. Ceremonial acts will follow at 6 p.m. and fireworks will be displayed at 7 p.m.

See the schedule of events here:


HONOREE: Lic. Jorge Luis Guevara Mora

12.00 M:        

• Marimbas in the park.

6:00 p.m:      

• Formal ceremonies.

• National anthem.

• Guanacaste anthem

• Words from the Municipal President.

• Words from the Municipal Mayor.

• Fireworks.• Local music: Nicoya Municipal Band.

• Tribute to Jorge Luis Guevara Mora

• International folk presentation:

• Africa Cultural Group

• Concert: Songwriter Rafael Angel Mora Fajardo.

• Local Poetry: Ana Margarita Obando Mora.

• Ojoche Dance Company (Nicoya High School)



HONOREES: Ronald Torres y Rogelio Benavides.             

12:00 M:        

• Marimbas in Recaredo Briceño Park.

2:00 p.m:      

• Traditional food presentation.

6:00 p.m:     

• International culture presentation:

• Lebanon Cultural Group.

• Municipal nand and invitees concert.

• “La Gran Nicoya” award ceremony.(Presented by the radio program Nago de Nicoya: History, Legend and Tradition).

• Latin American Youth Dance Group.

• Necoc Yahotl Folklore Group.

• Local Poetry: Ana Margarita Mora. 

Public Dance: Son del Barrio.



HONOREES: The People of Nicoya.

8:00 a.m:       

• Civic ceremony at town hall.

• First Annual “Annexation Route” Bike Race.

10:00 a.m:    

• Government council in the park.

1:00 p.m:      

• JIUVENES International Folklore Company.

3:00 p.m:      

• Annexation Horse Parade (organized by the ASOCNI – Association of Horsemen of Nicoya).

5:00 p.m:      

• Symphonic Orchestra Gala Concert – “July 25th. ”(Director: Lic. Jorge Luis Guevara Mora).

6:00 p.m:      

• Cimarrona (dancing puppets) Parade Necoc Yahotl Group.

• Ojoche Dance Company (Nicoya High School)

• UNA Folklore Group.

• Masquerade.

• Concert: MALPAÍS and Max Goldenberg.

• Fireworks.



HORNOREES: CoopeAlianza R.L.       

12:00 M:        

• Marimbas in the park.

3:00 p.m:      

• Marimba concert.

5:00 p.m:      

• International culture presentation:

• JIUVENES International Folklore Company.

• Mexico Folkloric Group.

• Nicaragua Folkloric Group.

• Matambú Folkloric Group.

• GKumbala Dance Group




HONOREES: Nicoyan Youths.

12:00 M:       

• Marimbas in the park.

1:00 P.M:        

• Painting for All (New Acropolis).

2:00 p.m:      

• The longest parade in Guanacaste. (Gathering of cimarronas).

5:00 p.m:     

• Nicoa 37.

• Soulinaje Group.

• Concert: Percance Group.