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Nicoya’s Developmental Weak Spot is Environmental Management. This is What Mayoral Candidates Propose to Change it

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Last year, the City of Nicoya received one of the worst ratings in Guanacaste for environmental management. It’s the worst performing area in the canton and earned just 31.9 out of 100 potential points, according got the Comptroller’s City Management Index.

The Comptroller’s report says the rating is low due to “weaknesses in city waste collection and treatment.” While the   Law on Waste Management  (N° 8839) guarantees the service for all citizens, Nicoya only collects 63% of its trash, , according to data from the Environmental Management Department.

Nonetheless, during the first debate ahead of the 2020 mayoral elections in Nicoya, organized by the National University for Distance Education, only six of the 10 candidates who participated said they would expand trash collection service to the entire canton.

When asked about their environmental plans, seven mayoral hopefuls said they would seek to launch an environmental education program in schools, despite the fact the Education Ministry is already includes climate change and environmental studies in the curriculum for science and social studies..

They also promised new methods for protecting rivers and springs in the canton, increasing the budget for the office on environmental management and building a landfill and a city dump, among others.

This is a summary of the proposals and opinions each candidate shared during the debate.

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