Nicoya’s New Public Library Now Open to the Public

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Nicoya now has a public lending library gracing the architectural panorama of the canton’s buildings. All services are now available, including the circulation and lending of books, internet and more.

The two-story building, which cost about ₡260 million ($520,000) and was financed by the Ministry of Culture, has everything needed to give access to everyone, including those with special needs. The building has a modern elevator that complies with all international safety regulations. It also has internal audio functions that can act as a guide for blind people, indicating if they are going up or down, and makes it possible to communicate with people if they become trapped inside. In addition, there are emergency electrical systems, and if those fail, there is a manual way to lower the elevator and evacuate everyone inside. The library also has emergency exits and an emergency plan.

On the second floor there is a room with computers with internet access, as well as individual desks and a reading area. The first level has the circulation and lending area, a room for group work and a room for children with a terrace for recreation. That room will have a multifunctional purpose, as it will be used for workshops, crafts, lectures, debates, theatre and training, among many other activities.

The library has some maps for those interested in geography, National Geographic magazines, other scientific publications, etc. There will also be programs such as “Soy bebé y me gusta leer” (I’m a Baby and I Like to Read), “Jóvenes a leer” (Youths Read), “De la mano con la persona adulta” (Hand in Hand with Adults) and “Huellas de Oro” (Gold Footprints—for seniors). These are established as public library activities by the National System of Libraries (SINABI- Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas).

The whole community is invited to use the library, as all the services it offers are free of charge.