Nosara and Samara: Red and Gold Flying High

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The polls were officially closed and all that´s left is to wait for the official count of the ballots, but if the colors along the coast are any indication, the Citizen Action Party was the only visible choice.

In the course of the day, visiting voting posts from Nosara to Samara, we only observed one car driving into Samara with a green and white flag for the National Liberation Party. However, voter turnout was low during the morning. By 1 p.m., only 70 of the 375 registered voters had cast their votes in Esperanza of Nosara and 100 of 250 in Garza had voted.

The concensus in these locations was that everyone was voting for PAC´s candidate, Luis Guillermo Solis, although the people posted at the gate of Garza to direct voters did not some who came quietly and suspected that these might represent a small percentage voting for the National Liberation party. In Barco Quebrado at 1:45 p.m., only 76 out of 365 registered voters had cast their votes, where PAC likewise dominated.

A similar case happened in Serapio Lopez School in Nosara, where around 18% of voters had cast their ballot by midday.

In Nosara, the only tables present belonged to supporters of the Citizen Action Party (PAC – Partido Acción Ciudadana). Members of the National Liberation Party (PLN – Partido Liberación Nacional) were notably absent.

There wasn’t a single flag or sign of the PLN at the voting center, a quite remarkable event considering the party has been an important part of national politics for more than 60 years and continues to be the favorite party in Guanacaste.

Older voters were mainly present, while youths waited for the afternoon to exercise their right to vote.

The final count for Samara was 146 votes for Araya and 378 votes for Solis. A total of 524 out of 1159 registered voters turned out at the two tables.