Nosara Animal Care Will Celebrate Third Craft Beer Festival

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Nosara Animal Care will host on December 9 the Third Annual Craft Beer Festival at the Pacific Blue restaurant in Playa Guiones from 3pm to 8pm.

The purpose of the activity is to raise funds in order to provide rehabilitation and homes for abandoned animals in the region. The foundation will also take charge of vaccinating, feeding and providing the necessary health care and medical treatment for the pets so that they can later be adopted in optimal condition.

The festival will have five Costa Rican craft beer vendors: Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing, Volcano Brewing Company, Angry Goats Brewery CR, Cervecería Uno Cero Uno and La Selva Cerveza Artesanal.

Prices will range between ¢2.000 ($3.60) for a small beer and ¢3.500 ($6.25) for a large drink. General entry costs ¢10.000 ($17.90) and includes the sampling of one craft beer and a festival glass.

You can also buy the VIP entry to the festival for ¢30,000 ($53.60), which includes the general entry, the commemorative festival glass, a ticket to sample a beer from each vendor, another two beers of your choice and the official t-shirt of the Nosara Craft Beer Festival.



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With this ticket you will also receive service from volunteers that will take your order at the table where you are seated and you will also receive tickets for raffles that include prizes like $50 gift cards, massages and others.

Kids can also participate! Entry for minors costs ¢8.000 ($14.30) and includes a shirt from the Nosara Animal Care association.

You’ll also be able to dance to the rhythm of a variety of musical groups and participate in games and beer contests where you can vote for your favorite drink.

Last year, the association raised $3,700 which was used to cover a quarter of the foundation’s expenses for the year.

“We expect to increase our earnings this year to be able to add another member to our foundation and help more animals that need health care,” said Jennifer Simmons, member of Nosara Animal Care’s Board of Directors