Nosara ASADAs Should Unite Officially to Work Better

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A lack of wells, administrative and billing problems, lack of chlorination equipment, damaged wells and contaminated water are some of the many problems that were enumerated by members of the seven ASADAs in the district of Nosara during a training on Sunday, January 18th.

In order to solve problems and improve the quality of water service, the ASADAs of Santa Marta, Playas de Nosara, Santa Teresita, Garza, Las Delicias, La Esperanza and Nosara Center united to receive training on community water management.

The workshop was an initiative of the Nosara Leadership Forum Nosara and was given by Edgar Alberto Vega, president of the National Community Aqueducts Union (UNAC- Union Nacional de Acueductos Comunales), and Ana Lorena Salmeron, professor of hydraulic resources management engineering from the National Technical University (UTN- Universidad Tecnica Nacional).

“We are making a diagnostic of all of the ASADAs to see what needs they have and in that way be able to help them,” explained Salmeron.

For his part, Vega suggested that the ASADAs form an official union, either as an association or a federation, to be able to solve problems and process paperwork and financing collectively.