Nosara Asked for More Security on National Television

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On Monday, March 4, the Channel 7 news program “Telenoticias” broadcast around the country a 7-minute news item titled “Wave of Thefts in Nosara Generates Anxiety and Insecurity in Neighbors in the Area.”

The video shows Nosara residents chanting for more security and for a better system to protect the victims of thefts. Although the greatest anger was specifically due to the release of the thief caught in the act inside of a home in Playa Pelada, the more than 100 locals present during the recording took advantage of the opportunity to request a change in the country’s legal system where robbery suspects who represent a threat to the population are imprisoned until the day of the trial.

For those who couldn’t see the program, below we provide the text that accompanied the news and the link to the video.

“The residents are very upset because after surprising a thief with his hands in the pie, in a matter of hours the judge set him free.

Nosara, located in the province of Guanacaste, is a natural paradise, a magnet for tourists, a center of investment for foreigners, but also a remote town that is now in the sights of criminals.

On February 19, the security cameras of a house captured a robbery that shows the way in which organized gangs operate in the area of Nosara, Guiones and Playa Pelada, stealing from various luxury homes. 

In one of the cases, three criminals are observed taking advantage of when the tenants of the house go out for dinner to break in and steal. The thieves arrive masked, with gloves and tools ready to open locks, doors and even safes.

But that night an alarm went off and this gang’s robbery got complicated. In a show of solidarity, many of the neighbors responded to a call for help and thus managed to encircle the suspect and shut him up in the house.

In this manner, they managed to trap and unmask a man of the last name Garita, who lives in Cañas, with his hands in the pie. However the next day the suspect was set free under cautionary measures, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This case generated annoyance among the residents of Nosara. This is because two years ago neighbors in the sector of Guiones felt obligated to create a security committee to face crime and thereby succeeded in opening a tourist police station for which they themselves pay the rent.

Now the neighbors are preparing a greater protest as they declare that they are sick of the robberies and consider the release of the thief a mockery of justice.