Nosara Civic Association Will Elect New Board

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On Tuesday, January 27, members of the Nosara Civic Association will elect their new board of directors.

The members of the board of directors occupy their positions for one year terms with the possibility of serving a maximum of two consecutive terms in the same position.

Alvin Rosenbaum, who served as president of the NCA until December 31st, does not plan to run for another position. However, Rosenbaum will be in charge of developing the “Model Nosara” initiative, an action plan detailed in a 73-page document with the objective of promoting sustainable development in the district.

“With the work load of NCA’s new proposed initiative, I resigned from the board as its president to serve as team leader of the Model Nosara program,” Rosenbaum said.

Only NCA members who are up to date on their membership dues can vote on Tuesday or run for a position on the board of directors.

Currently, the candidates are: Nice Alterman for president, Ethel Araya for vice president, Marco Johanning for treasurer, Fritz Elmendorf for secretary, Peter Burke  for Fiscal, Anne Michel as a vocal and Brandon Richardson as a vocal. Those who want to run can throw their hat into the ring on January 27. 

The NCA is a nonprofit organization that has 275 active members who must pay a fee to be members of the association.

Its mission is “preserving the natural environment by planned and controlled growth; by maintaining the quality of life and enhancing the community in which we live; and by providing information, support and value to its members and its neighbors.”

The election will take place at 9 a.m. in the Playas de Nosara ASADA building, across from the Nosara gas station.


Note: Marcos Johanning is not a candidate for Treasure but for Vocal. Virginia Wheaton is the candidate for Treasure.