Nosara Emergency Committee Monitors Riverbed

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Nosara Emergency Committee Monitors Riverbed

Nosara’s Local Emergency Committee is constantly monitoring the Nosara riverbed and its dike structure in order to prevent emergencies.

Marcos Ávila, president of the community’s Integral Development Association, said that before heavy rains began in September the committee had stepped up its monitoring, and committee members are aware of zones that are vulnerable to flooding.

“We know, for example, that certain neighborhoods such as Hollywood would be the first to flood in case of river swelling. We also know how many people live there, and who they are, as well as their illnesses and the assistance we can provide,” he said.

If you are from Nosara and live in a high-risk zone, contact the committee to enroll in its database of families who might be vulnerable during an emergency. Its number is   2682-1093.