Nosara Fire Finally Extinguished

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After 10 days of intense work, the fire that started behind the community of Las Delicias of Garza and spread to San Juan hill behind Nosara was put out.

This was confirmed by the chief of the Nosara Volunteer Firefighters, Ryan Bombard.

“It is out as of around 19:00 (7 p.m.) on the 14th (of April),” Bombard said.

The fire started on Saturday, April 4th, apparently due to burning a pasture behind Las Delicias of Garza. As days passed, the fire spread toward the community of La Esperanza, threatening some houses. However, the firefighters were able to control it.

On Sunday, April 12th, the fire swept through several more kilometers and reached the San Juan hill, behind the Los Arenales neighborhood in the town of Nosara, specifically across from the land where Bosque Verde’s private neighborhood is located.

It was there that, two days later, they succeeded in putting out the fire thanks to the presence of several additional volunteers and access to a fire hydrant.

“On the last day, we had a good size crew [of volunteers], around 15 people. We had access to the fire hydrants at the top end of Bosque Verde, which we used mostly to prevent the fire from jumping the main roads. The rest of the fire was contained by fire lines and counter fires,” explained Bombard.

The final cost of the fire was 500 hectares (1235 acres) burned and $2,000 dollars in fuel for the fire truck and equipment for the volunteers.

Next Saturday, April 25th, in an effort to help cover the costs of the firefighters, the Mexican restaurant El Chivo in Playa Pelada is organizing an event to benefit the volunteers.

In addition to inviting the firefighters to dinner, the restaurant will have an account open in the bar for those who want to donate funds.

The firefighters want to thank Harbor Reef Hotel, Harmony Hotel, Solo Bueno, Taco Taco, La Bodega, Il Peperoni and homeowners for the lunches, dinners and drinking water that they donated during every work day.