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Nosara Food Bank Expands Operations

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More hungry families will be receiving groceries from the Nosara Food Bank in 2015.

After over a year in operation the Food Bank has expanded to include four churches distributing food and other essential items, the Catholic Church, the Evangelico Completa, the Casa de Restauracion Vida de Pacto, and the Iglesia Pentecastes Unida. 

The Food Bank is also forming an association. On Monday, November 17th, ten interested persons met at Rancho Tico, electing officers and making plans for raising funds.  Plans include contacting large businesses in Costa Rica for donations.

The newly elected officers of the Nosara Food Bank are: President, Darwin Picado Hernandez; Vice-President, Oscar Bordero Arias; Secretary, Seidy Juarez Rosales; Fiscal, Magda Daily Stevenson; Treasurer, Linda Tarlow; 1st Vocale, Dean Strupp; 2nd Vocale Eduardo Lara Matamoros; 3rd Vocale, Pauline Hernandez Garrillo; 4th Vocale, Silvia Duarte; and 5th Vocale, Ana Isabel Benavides.

In 2013 a benefit party raised $2,500.00, which was matched by the Guanacaste Community Fund. This year we will also have the fundraiser on December 7 from 5-9, and will feature a buffet supper and cash bar.  Live music is being donated by the Pelada Dogs.

Tickets are sold at the door for $40.00 or 20,000 colones and the price includes a free alcoholic beverage or soda.

The Food Bank collects donated groceries from bins placed at Super Nosara and at the Guiones Mini-Super located behind Robin’s Ice Cream.  It provides an informational brochure at its collection bins and interested persons may contact me at 2682-5476 or [email protected] to assist to the fundraiser, about volunteering, cash donations, or with other questions. In addition to non-perishable grocery items, the Food Bank is happy to accept donations of gently-used linens and other household goods as well as children’s toys.