Nosara Forum Plans to Combat Dust with Molasses Project

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An initiative of the Nosara Leadership Forum could counteract the high amounts of dust affecting residents of the district due to bad road conditions.

The project was presented on Saturday, November 16th by Linda Tarlow, during the Forum meeting in Santa Marta. The idea is to find financing to pour molasses on the roads of Nosara during the first four months of 2015, when the problem is the worst.

“The dust problem is unsustainable and we cannot live like this. Molasses is one of the best solutions and I believe I can raise funds from the American community, but I need more help and I believe we can all cooperate,” said Tarlow, who is a representative for the community of Playa Guiones in the Forum.

Tarlow said the Nosara Civic Association is willing to donate $5,000, which they estimate would be enough to cover from La Esperanza to the intersection of Santa Marta for the first month.

In response to Tarlow’s idea, the Forum agreed to form a Pro Molasses work group composed of Tarlow, Edith Castillo from Garza, Alvaro Camacho from Nosara, Sabino Rangel from Esperanza and Eli Juarez from Santa Marta. The group will take on just this goal and should put together a quote for the total cost of the work and define the roads where molasses should be applied.

The forum also agreed that when the cost of the work is known and the sectors are defined, the committee that was formed should go house to house to ask for funds.

“I think everyone is interested in this topic. I think if we go house to house, we could get the resources to finance the project. It doesn’t matter if people donate 1000 colones or a million ($2 or $2000). I believe that what is important is that we all work together,” commented Alvaro Camacho, who represents downtown Nosara in the Forum.

Although the committee will be the ones to define the route where molasses will be applied, the Forum suggested that maintenance should be done from La Esperanza to Los Arenales.