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Nosara Gollo Robbed of Thousands

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In the early hours of Tuesday, August 5, the Gollo store located in downtown Nosara was robbed of thousands of dollar worth of merchandise. The thieves entered the building and stole valuable items worth some ₡8 million ($14,800).

According to Omar Chavarria, chief of the Nicoya Public Force, the criminals had entered the building through the back, in the area near the bathrooms, taking advantage of the fact that there were no alarms there. They then were able to neutralize the alarms of the floor by disconnecting the electric cable.

Chavarria said that the thieves had a good understanding of the store.

“By the way they acted, they are people who were very knowledgeable about the inside of the building, entering through the bathroom area where they knew there were no alarms. In addition, they knew where to find the keys for the main door, and were able to access even the main floor, from which they were able to remove a large number of items,” said Charria.

The official indicated that the Public Force has implemented an operation in the area to try to find clues related to the events, but until now, no one has been arrested. The case has been taken over by the Judicial Investigation Body (OIJ – Organismo de Investigacion Judicial), which will complete the investigation.

The Voice of Guanacaste attempted to speak with the store’s manager about the incident but was unable to do so.