Nosara Leaders Establish Community Development Forum

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On Saturday, August 9, the Nosara Civic Association (NCA) brought together more than 50 of the district’s communal leaders for the first Nosara District Leadership Forum, which was held at the restaurant Dos Lorenas. 

According to Ethel Araya, an NCA member, the goal of the meeting was to bring the community together and establish a forum made up of leaders from all of the district’s towns.

“The goal is to seek an understanding among all of Nosara’s organizations. If we all work together, we can achieve more at the district level. Together we are stronger; we all have our own contact networks and working together we can advance more,” explained Araya.

The event included participants from the Nosara Development Association (ADIN – Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), the Recylcing Association, the Nosara Security Association, the Nosara ASADA, the Garza Blue Flag committee, the Red Cross, the evangelical church and residents from all of the district’s towns.

During the meeting, participants gave their opinions on the principal challenges facing the community and established a forum in which all members have the same position; in other words, there are no bosses.

“In the forum all of the members are the same. This is a communal movement, which is why the forum cannot have any political aims,” explained Araya.

The forum will hold monthly meetings; to ensure equality among members, Gerardo Brenes, who does not belong to any group or association, will be the mediator for the sessions.

Shared Concerns

The lack of water, road problems, limited access to health facilities and increasing crime were some of the main problems that the participants identified.

“I think that the area’s main problem is the lack of government involvement in Nosara. If the government would get more involved, all of these problems that we’ve been discussing would be resolved better,” said Alvaro Camacho, a member of the Recycling Association.

For her part, Edith Carrillo, a Garza resident, said that setting up a forum that involves all communities will help to improve the district’s situation.

“This is a great initiative. At times some work in one area and others in other areas and I think the lack of communication among everyone is one of the main problems. Hopefully people that are in the forum truly work and it seems to be an excellent idea for everyone to work together,” added Carrillo.


Forum Members by Location

Playa Guiones: Adrián Arias y Linda Taylor

Pelada: Agnes Pineiro y Tiffany Atkinson

Santa Marta: Aider Cabalceta y Carlos Villalobos

Nosara: Álvaro Camacho

Guiones Sur: Orlando Quesada

Las delicias: Martín Obregón y Oliver Hernández

Garza: Betsy Chavarría y Marco Antonia Cascante

Esperanza: Eliza Vanegas, Isidro López y Ramón Mendoza

Santa Teresita: Rubén Segura

Arenales: Carlos Gutiérrez