Nosara Library Filled with Art and New Books

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Many people think of a library as a quiet place with no action but in the case of the David Kitson Library that is completely false.  The month of June was a very busy month in our library.

Students and teachers from Mercersburg Academy of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania arrived the third week of June to give arts and crafts classes to students from Serapio Lopez Fajardo Elementary School. 

This is the fourth year that Mercersburg Academy has brought students to the Nosara area to study the flora and fauna and the culture, as well as to interact with the local children through crafts classes.  They have recorded a great deal of information; this soon will be available for study in the library. . 

This same week, the third week of June, the volunteers from the Elkhart Rotary Club of Elkhart, Indiana arrived to spend four days working in the library. Elkhart Rotary has been coming to help the library for 10 years, doing whatever work is needed at the time.  This year they worked on inventory of some of the library’s 15,000 books. 

The Seniors’ Club of the library, with the support of the Red Cross, organized a march through the center of Nosara on Sunday, June 15, bringing attention to the International Day  “Against the Abuse of Seniors.”  About 30 seniors participated in this march.  The march was followed by a lunch and party held in FUCAN to celebrate Father’s Day. 

The Readers Clubs wasn’t left out from all the activities. On June 19, the group met for the last time of Del Mar Academy’s school year.  Each grade level presented a topic of study. “Mother Nature,” animals and their habitats and endangered species were some of the themes discussed during the activity.