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Nosara Loses Two Restaurants: Tia Luna and Dos Pochotes

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The Asian flavors of the restaurant Dos Pochotes in Playa Guiones, along with Tia Luna’s exquisite Costa Rican food, are history. To the dismay of many, the two restaurants have closed their doors and it does not look like they will be reopening in the near future.

The Thai kitchen at Dos Pochotes closed March 3, after nearly two years of stimulating palates with flavors of mint, curry, lemongrass and peanut.

Diana Solano Murillo, co-owner of the restaurant with her husband Josep “Pepe” Blanes, said they had closed “because of a family situation.” Although, “You never know what life has in store; at the moment Pepe has a project in Lleida [Spain] and the chance to open a restaurant there.”

Solana thanks all the clients who chose the restaurant along their gastronomic journey. Leaving open a window of hope for locals, she told us, “We will definitely return, that is sure. If we come back, we will be better, with new culinary options for Nosara.”

The soda Tia Luna, a place where one could enjoy a good fried fish while waiting for a flight (the restaurant was located next to Nosara’s landing strip), opened its doors on March 22, 2013.

But according to Marvin Castillo, who administers Tia Luna, the owners of the building didn’t want to renew their contract. He said that he and his wife enjoyed the experience of working in a restaurant very much, and that they wanted to continue, but it wasn’t possible.

“In addition,” said Castillo, “Our star chef fell in her home and is going to be out for a month, so there isn’t any more good food.”