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Nosara Recycling Center is Almost Ready for Operation

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The Nosara Recycling Center only needs water and electrical connections to start operating, as the building is ready and has a new workforce.

The team is made up of 10 Nosara women who, thanks to support of the Institute for Mixed Social Assistance (IMAS – Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social), will be supported with a salary until the month of December.

For now, the housewives are in charge of separating, selecting, and compacting the recycled waste as well as the raw material for new products.

The Nosara Recycling Association has trained these women during the month of September so that they can be the ones who inform the people and build awareness about waste disposal.

Alvaro Camacho, the Collection Center’s manager, said that September was a month to focus on education and that part of the problem with respect to this issue lies in the negativity associated with the term trash: “We have to teach a change of concepts; it is not trash, it is recyclable waste.”

The group of women is now in charge of educating and informing local households and businesses on new waste separation practices such as making compost using organic waste.

The women have collected trash in the green areas around the Collection Center, but despite having completed several cleanings, residents continue to throw their trash around the center. An interesting fact for the association is that 90% of what is collected in the green areas has been diapers.

They have also planted trees, ornamental plants and medicinal herbs, all in an effort to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere in this new environmental classroom, where workshops will be given along with information to promote, educate and advance sustainable practices.

The group of women recruited each other until there were ten. They are now a solid group of workers united for a good cause and according to them, with each objective they meet, they become more attached to the project.