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Nosara Recycling Center Will Have Electricity in June

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The Nosara Recycling Center has been operating for more than five months; however, it won’t be until June that the facility has electricity.

Alvaro Camacho, the center’s administrator, explained that for now the electrical installation will only be completed around the exterior of the project, and that it still has not been defined when it will have electricity inside. The lack of electricity will not prevent them from using the compacting machines.

The installation work began in April, thanks to the support of ICE, who donated 50% of the cost of the project. The other half, which represents approximately ₡4 million ($8,000), was covered by the facility and donations.

According to Camacho, the recycling center will now be able to use a glass grinder, a machine valued at just over ₡1 million ($2,000). Companies that receive and purchase glass only accept it in crushed form, which is why, up until now that work has been done by hand in Nosara.

In addition, the project will begin to use a compacter, a machine that can compress plastic, aluminum and tetrapack.

According to data from the administration of the center, during the month of April, the facility sold 151.5 kilograms of aluminum alone, representing ₡66,000 ($132).

Among other materials, such as glass, aluminum and plastic, the facility generated more than ₡200,000 ($400) in sales during the same month.