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Nosara Red Cross Ranks 4th Nationally

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The Nosara Red Cross announced that their auxiliary committee received recognition on March 9, placing third in Guanacaste and fourth nationally in the 2012 Annual Operative Program (PAO), out of a total of 120 Red Cross committees.

Hojancha ranked first, Santa Cruz second and Moravia third. According to Carlos Villalobos Espinoza, president of the Nosara committee, this is a result of excellent administrative performance and fulfilling projections.

As a prize, they received two automatic defibrillators (DEAs). “For us it is very great. The community only provides 50,000 colones ($100) a year when our monthly budget is 7 to 8 million ($14 to 16,000).” He explained that when people call to request transportation by the Red Cross, the idea is that those people should donate something for the service, but out of 2000 cases, he said only about eight actually give something and those donations only total about 50,000 colones. Most of the Red Cross budget is covered by a public activities fund and the sale of services, for example when the EBAIS clinic requests that they take a patient to the hospital in Nicoya, as well as special services provided.

The Red Cross also depends on volunteers. Villalobos said they currently have 18 to 20 volunteers, along with three permanent drivers and one administrator. People must complete four training courses in order to become volunteers.