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Nosara Refuge for Wildlife Certified Nationally as Nonprofit

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As of January of this year, the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife, located in Guiones Beach, was declared a nonprofit organization, thus becoming the fourth organization for wildlife rescue recognized nationally.

Since its formation in 2003, Brenda and Randy Bombard have helped dozens of animals recover their health. Currently the center provides shelter to 47 animals, including 36 howler monkeys, five parrots, three squirrels, a coati, a porcupine and an opossum.

“Since receiving its certification, the number of animals received at the refuge has increased significantly… [with] an increase of 62% in the past 3 months,” Bombard affirmed.

In addition, the center has the services of a full-time veterinarian and is in the process of building a nursery that will care for the refuge’s 27 newborn monkeys.

“We have already started construction of the nursery and it will be ready in a few weeks. We still need to raise about 2 million colones ($ 3,600) to finish the project,” Bombard said.

The center receives animals from all over Nicoya Peninsula and the province. If you want to learn more about the refuge, please call 2682-5049 or 8708-2601.