Nosara Residents Can Run as Candidates for the Red Cross Board

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Being a resident of Nosara is the only requirement for running as a member of the board for the Red Cross on April 11th during the institution’s annual meeting.

“Anyone who is interested in running to be part of the board of directors only has to live in the area and be very eager to work,” said Adriana Camareno, administrator of the Red Cross.

The assembly will be held at the Fucan hall, located 50 meters east of the Nosara EBAIS clinic at 4 p.m.

The board is elected every four years by means of a vote that is done only by honorary members of the Red Cross who are registered.

Currently the board is comprised of Manuel Rosales as president, Heylin Azofeifa as vocal and Silvia Carrillo as treasurer.

People who are elected to form part of this new board will assume their positions this year as of August 1st