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Nosara: Rosi´s is Guiones Soda Tica

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Rosi’s Soda Tica has been located in Playa Guiones for almost seven years. With a lot of pride, Rosaura Prado relates that she was one of the first Ticas to have a soda in Guiones. When people began to open businesses in the area, the owner of the location made her an offer and Prado didn’t hesitate much in deciding to open the restaurant that she has kept running ever since.

The place offers breakfast and lunch daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The kitchen has somewhat limited space for storing items soall their food is fresh. The fish is provided by different area fishermen every morning.

Fruits and vegetables are cut up at the time of preparation and drinks are all natural blended in water, not from concentrate. Breakfast is quite important for Prado. Clients can order breakfast to their liking, with a variety of choices like fruit platters, rice and beans with cheese, tortillas, plantains, avocado, eggs, etc. Prado added pancakes to the menu (although they aren’t a typical dish) since they are very popular with the American clientele.

For lunch, they offer casados with beef or chicken in sauce, fish or a vegetarian plate, in addition to black soup, chicken and fish, plantains and salad. Their prices are quite affordable even though services in the area are a bit more expensive. Rosi’s Soda offers dishes ranging from 2500 to 3000 colones ($5-6).

“Even though it is true that a lot of foreigners come to this area, there are also many people who work around here that are Ticos and do not have much money, so I have to vary and have balance in the price, always thinking about keeping it accessible for everyone,” commented Prado. Currently, Soda Rosi is located at the main intersection of Guiones by Economy Rent a Car, but in January, it will move to a slightly more spacious place next to Bagelmen’s.