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Nosara Tourist Police and Public Force Have Four More Officers and Two New Patrol Cars

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Although Minister of Security Gustavo Mata thinks the district of Nosara does not have a high crime rate compared with other parts of the country, the Public Force is not confident, and that is why the commander delivered two new patrol vehicles and opened four officer positions during his visit to Garza on July 23rd to reinforce security in the area.

This was made possible through an agreement between the Nosara Development Association (ADIN), the Ministry of Security and the Nosara Security Association.

ADIN contributed ¢5,000,000 (about $9,435) in renovations to the current Nosara Public Force police station, and the Security Association paid the rent for the Tourist Police premises in Guiones from 2008 until January of 2015 and has invested more than $13,000 to remodel the bathrooms, kitchen, walls, ceilings, pipes and floors.

In addition, these three associations along with the ASADAs and groups like the Leadership Forum coordinated collecting signatures of people requesting patrol vehicles.

Regarding this collaboration, Gustavo Mata indicated that it has been fundamental to achieving making projects a reality and took the opportunity to ask residents to report criminal acts that occur so they are reflected in the statistics of the Public Force and the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), in order to be able to allocate resources and personnel to the district.

“What I ask of the people of Nosara and Garza is that you report if crimes are occurring. That would help us even to make an evaluation of how many police are needed in a sector like this because we do not have a clear reality,” Mata stated.

Progress with the New District Station
Additionally, the most exciting security project is the construction of the new Public Force station, which will be built on a lot donated by ADIN.

The integrated station for the district of Nosara would have space for 50 agents, including the Public Force, the Tourist Police, volunteer firefighters, the Red Cross and a daycare for children, according to statements made in April 2014 by Marcos Avila, district syndic.

A 5,200-square-meter property located next to the EBAIS clinic in the center of Nosara was acquired for the project with a total cost of $100,000. The Nosara Civic Association donated $80,000 for the purchase and the Nosara Integral Development Association made payments for the remaining amount.

The property for the station will be 1,800 square meters.

In this regard, Avila reported that they will meet on August 19th with Juan Jose Andrade, national director of the Public Force, and Minister Gustavo Mata, who will present the project profile, which includes designs and costs.

In addition, Avila indicated that they might develop the project with the National Administration of Community Development (DINADECO- Direccion Nacional de Desarrollo Comunal), and construction costs could amount to ¢100,000,000 ($188,700).

The Ministry of Security would take on the responsibility of equipment and contracting personnel.