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Nosarans Play Soccer for Pure Love of the Game

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Although sports in Nosara have been slowed down by a variety of factors, such as the lack of organization and resources, the desire to learn and play soccer has not disappeared or gone unnoticed.

The Heredian carpenter Freddy Brenes and his wife Jennifer Ramirez have taken up the Nosaran cause and made a commitment to the district to form the Nosara Futbol Club, or Nosara FC, along with another group of neighbors.

“Someone has to do it; sports are a good way to keep kids away from drugs,” said Ramirez.

Currently, more than 80 children ages twelve and up receive soccer lessons and practice every Sunday on the soccer field in downtown Nosara. They have been doing so for the last few months.

With only the income from food and beverage sales at games, the couple has to face how to pay for the club’s necessities, including transportation and maintenance of uniforms and all the tools needed to practice the sport, not to mention caring for the players’ wounds and injuries.

Nosara FC is enrolled in the local La Costa tournament and its older team plays every Sunday in different places throughout the canton. Each player has to cover the cost of their transportation, food and washing uniforms.

On June 14, Nosara FC received important assistance from the Nosara Civic Association, which donated uniforms and shoes to the four teams with a value of $5,500. In addition, Finca Austria lets them play on their soccer field  on some occasions.

With the goal of obtaining financial support, the Nosara Futbol Club is looking for companies that would like to put their logo on the team’s shirts. If your company is interested, please call 8571-0084 or 8766-5060.