Nosara’s Firefighters Put Down 24 Fires This Dry Season

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Although some people were not pleased to find the road to Ostional blocked this Saturday March 30, they had no other choice than to wait until the members of the Nosara firefighters finished their Easter weekend practicing medical, vertical rescue and firefighting training at the Rio Montaña Bridge.

Additionally, this Saturday training welcomed the first female firefighter for the Nosara team, Amy Foscaldi who lives in Esperanza and teaches in a new school in Samara, She explained that she was a volunteer firefighter as well back in her hometown in Maine, US.

According to the chief of the Nosara firefighters Ryan Kerr-Bombard, they have accomplished all their goals for the day.  He said, “the main purpose of the day was the familiarization of gear and exercising with the pump. Everything happened the way they were supposed to.” So far, Nosara firefighters have covered 24 fires and emergencies, many of which due to unattended trash fire in the area during this dry season.

This past Friday March 29, the team woke up to a fire call, right behind the cemetery in Nosara town. It was started by someone who was cutting an electrical wire, according to Kerr-Bombard. The firefighters took it under control without anyone getting harmed. With 12 members, Nosara firefighters still work from their personal vehicles. Recently, the group raised $1565 during Taste of Nosara fundraiser event along with the security association to save enough money to buy a firefighter truck.  However, they still welcome any donations that will help them stay on track and continue to keep the town safe.  If you want to help, contact [email protected]