Ocotal comes together to install safe areas for swimmers

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The community of Playa Ocotal has joined local hoteliers and business owners to create a safe area in the ocean where swimmers can enjoy the water without fearing boats or jet skis.

A group of fifteen people worked on Saturday, March 25th to build supports and place ropes and buoys in the sea.

A team from Condovac La Costa, in Playa Hermosa, identified three areas and advised throughout the project.

“Previously, because of the large amount of boats at this beach, especially in high seasons like Holy Week, there was a risk for tourists who wanted to enjoy the water,” said Laura Cruz, sustainability manager for Garnier & Garnier Desarrollos Inmobiliarios.

The company owns the Azul Paraiso residential complex, which also helped make the area safer. Others who helped out include fishermen, massage therapists, tourism guides, entrepreneurs, and informal business owners, according to a press release.

The community aims to keep their Ecological Blue Flag designation, which they’ve had for over 20 years.