Of that Boa Video that went Viral

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The cat screamed for a couple of minutes … it might have been the fatigue of a weekend full of adventure in the place named by National Geographic as the most biologically intense place in the world, or maybe because the idea of returning to civilization that day weighed on our minds. The thing is that it took me a while to react: get out of my hammock and look for the source of that dreadful scream. It was under my cabin: the screeching cat and the snake working.

It was hard to reach the quorum for the Osa trip that weekend! Fede had it all planned: through its project OSAPAZCAMP, we knew the tours, meals, transportation: the whole itinerary.

7 people left from Nosara with very high expectations.

We were lucky to choose to go to the Osa Peninsula,on the same weekend of the biggest swell of the year, something relevant because we had to navigate the Sierpe river and go thru the river mouth to get to our destination: when I saw those waves, all I could do was close my eyes and ask forgiveness for my sins.

It was worth it: we arrived at Poor Man’s Paradise, our home for the weekend and immediately could feel the good vibes of our hosts: the Amaya family, originally from the area and owners of the place.

We spend a weekend of adventure: riding horses, searching for waterfalls, looking for the jaguar and swimming in rivers that we learned later were famous for its bull sharks and crocodiles (who would think it’s OK to swim in a river in the most biologically intense place of the world?)

The weekend was unforgettable for us. And we were already planning our next ride, thinking about the collection of videos and how we were going to show them to our friends to convince them to come with us next year … Now it seems the whole world is convinced thanks to Andrés´s video.

It was a quiet moment: we were all exhausted and possibly reconsidering whether it was wise to get back on the boat that had brought us only 4 days before … .  After finding the scene of  that poor  black and white cat , moaning with less strength each time while the magnificent boa  hugged it, doing what every boa should do to eat: breaking the bones of its victim to gobble them into a one way trip to its stomach, I ran to call my friends (OK, confession time: I thought I was calling for them to see the scene with me, not wanting to be morbid about it, but because I thought there was nothing to do) Boy was I wrong! 

I pointed my friends to where the cat was, still holding on dear life.  Kyle and Andres went down there in a heartbeat; the rest is in the video.

Enough said, I do not think we will have a problem to reach the quorum for next year trip of Nosareños to Osa