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Oh Lala! Exquisite French Food in Samara

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The latest endeavor of French expats Michel and Audrey is Oh Lala, a bistro located on the soccer field in central Samara.  It has rapidly become a local favorite for several reasons:  

1. Fresh goat cheese which can be served on a salad (hot, cold or wrapped in bacon), in pasta sauce, on your pizza, in a crepe or a variety of other options.  

2. Desserts! The chocolate mousse is so chocolate lay we can’t figure out how they got all of that flavor in there.  The White Lady is house made vanilla ice cream served with melted dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream.  Crepes, flambé’d banana or pineapple and sorbet are other options.



3. Mussels. Ask if you don’t see it on the menu!

4. Sauces.  Michel was a saucier in France and he has some wonderful options with garlic and parsley, cheeses and wines.

5. Daily Specials (such as Ribs with a honey glaze or Grilled fish with fresh pineapple and mango salsa)

The mussels in a white wine and garlic broth are  served with hand cut fried potatoes and are heavenly.  Steak is offered with several sauce options including garlic butter, red wine or blue cheese sauce.  Chicken dishes and Mexican inspired options are also available.

The menu offers several gluten free pastas, and a children’s menu for only 2000 colones.  The children’s play area was a big hit, with a coloring station and a playmat that housed some important looking structures proudly created by future architects around 5 years of age.

Prices for salad ranged from 3,800-6,800 colones.  Pizzas were 5,000-9,000.  Steaks are 6,200- 9,000.  Desserts are 3,400-5,700.  Early on a slow night in Samara this restaurant was already busy, so reservations might be a good idea.

The good: Fine Dining that also accommodates children

The bad: No view. If you are looking for an authentic Costa Rican experience this isn’t for you.  It is very French, (but we liked that).

Schedule: The kitchen is open 5-10 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

Phone number: 2656-0461