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OIJ Has Few Clues to Nosara School Robberies

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After the schools of La Esperanza and Los Angeles in Nosara were looted in late November and early December, the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ-Organismo de Investigacion Judicial) opened an investigation process for both cases, but to date they have few clues.

According to OIJ’s press department, at this time they are analyzing fingerprints that were found in the school of Los Angeles. For now, there is no evidence linking both robberies, although they both took place within less than three weeks and happened on a Thursday night.

However, the school principals are beginning to implement security systems to safeguard the educational equipment that the students have.

Alicia Matarrita, principal La Esperanza School, explained that they now have an alarm system distributed throughout the institution thanks to a donation of $800 from the board of directors of, Blue Spirit, the retreat center in Garza Beach, represented by Thierry Von der Weid.

“Now, thankfully, we have a security system. I do not want such a terrible situation like what we experienced to happen to us again,” Matarrita commented.

During the robbery on November 27, the school in La Esperanza lost 14 computers, three speakers, a projector, a camera and 14 mini cameras for computers, which had been donated by the Omar Dengo Foundation for the computer lab. This equipment was insured; however, it is still unknown if the equipment can be replaced.

“I asked the foundation to see if they could replace the equipment, but they did not answer me. For now, I had to fill out some paperwork and they told me that they could assess the situation after vacations. For now, the most important thing is to secure the school,” the principal specified.

Along with the donation of the system security, the online advertising company decided to give the school four refurbished Mac laptops and the Blue Spirit board donated a total of $ 3000 to cover various losses.

With Less Support

One of the main goals of Alan Ruiz, principal of the Los Angeles School, is to install a security system this year with cameras, but for now they do not have sufficient resources.

“We are evaluating putting in cameras with the School Board, but we’re making calculations since it is a lot of money and we don’t have it. We are seeing what activities we can do to buy it,” Ruiz said.

During the robbery on December 4, thieves stole an HP laptop, a video projector and all its accessories, ¢100,000 (about $188) from the school board, 25 notebooks and even the emergency kit.

According to the principal, the only help they have received for now was a donation from the Nosara Hardware Store, owned by the Barrantes brothers, to hold the children’s year-end party, but they still lack educational equipment.

If you would like to support the Los Angeles School, contact the principal at 8814-3334.