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Opinion Letter: Three Tips for Being a Sexy Feminist Man, on March 8

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I have always said that there is nothing sexier than a feminist man. I don’t want to get lost in terminology, but emphasize concrete examples of how to show affection to a woman on March 8 with more than just flowers, memes and appreciation.

  1. When a man by your side (or on social media) makes a chauvinist joke or comment about a woman or a group of them, let him know that he is falling into inappropriate behavior. Don’t remain quiet thinking that “it’s his thing.” Violence starts with language and it’s everyone’s matter. It’s not an option to combat it.
  2. When a friend, colleague or any other woman tells you that she has suffered abuse at any level, listen to her carefully and don’t assume “she’s creating drama.” A scream in the street, an unwanted compliment or a machista comment is a grave offense. Street harassment can be punished. Report it.
  3. Learn to unlearn. We have been learning for centuries behaviours that exclude women from public office and success. As society wakes up, it’s obvious that some feel disoriented or confused. Before getting frustrated over criticism of a behavior that is inappropriate or offensive to a woman, seek information, read about the true causes of feminism (which isn’t the same as reverse chauvinism) and search for equal opportunities. Ask for help when it’s not within your reach to understand new concepts and new struggles that aren’t just for women, but for everyone.