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Opinion- Running with the Eyes of the Soul and the Heart

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Carlos Luis Carmona Aguilar stood out among the 150 athletes that ran in SamaRun on October 12: he was the only person without sight who ran the 10K.

I can attest that he made everyone present feel flattered, proud and privileged with his presence. The presence of Carlos was a call for everyone who has all of their senses to reflect: we don’t appreciate what we have and we’re full of excuses, lacking flavor.

Carlos ran along with his cousin, Xiomara Carmona. Throughout the race, Carlos kept fighting, he beat his personal best time to give us a wonderful experience and lesson: when anxiety comes, when depression taunts us, we can look at it but not embrace it, contemplate it but not invite it. We all have the power to cry and to laugh. We must choose to laugh.

Because even though moments of tears come, of darkened suns and broken moons, of difficult situations, Carlos reminds us that they are just that: MOMENTS. We shouldn’t turn them into days, weeks, months.

As I approached him, I could hear the beat of an energetic man, full of love, of security, who did not have boundaries because he ran with the eyes of the soul and the heart.

It’s not enough to be physically gifted to achieve goals, but rather to be very determined to get to the finish line. When you have this spirit of an athlete, you have this enthusiasm for life, this talent. It is part of success; the rest is hard work and sacrifice