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Orwak Compactors Optimize Recycling and Eliminate Odors

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Have you ever recycled at your house or business just to realize you have giant bags with accumulated recycling? And what happens to the bad smells and the liquid from organic waste form your kitchen?

No one likes to have a bunch of boxes and cans taking up space, nor the persistent smell of food, insects and rodents. The good news is that in Costa Rica you can now get Orwak compactors, made in Sweden, that will help solve the problem of open air trash dumps in our province.

Imagine how many fewer problems we would have at Guanacaste dumps if we had these years ago.

Orwak is a Swedish company with 47 years of experience in creating environmentally friendly solutions for homes, hotels, restaurants, cities, hospitals and all types of businesses, including the Fours Seasons in Seattle, Washington.

“The company has a variety of compactor sizes for different products,” says Marco Villani, manager of Orwark’s Costa Rica subsidiary, Grupo Zoe Comercial S.A. “We help the customer decide which type of machine is suited for their needs.”

So you have an idea, you can compact into a single bag what usually requires 10 bags thanks to a cylindrical machine. You will also save money because you won’t have to make as many trips to the nearest collection center as well as reduce your environmental footprint.

“Considering the large trash problem at hotels in Guanacaste and the limits of local trash dumps, Orwak is a logical solution,” Marco Villani says.

Orwak operates in 41 countries and was used in 12 stadiums that hosted the 2018 World Cup in Russia in order to efficiently control waste. For questions or to buy a compactor, call 2589-4444 or 8844-4924.