Ostional: The Turtle Crawl

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During the spawning period in Ostional, between 500,000-700,000 ridley sea turtles arrive on shore, each laying up to 100 eggs. The event is a spectacle for tourists and a way of life for the community.  

The Association for the Integral Development of Ostional (ADIO) has formed groups of volunteers to help conserve and protect the turtles and their eggs, but despite these efforts the small turtles must wage a great battle against the difficulties that humans and nature present from the moment they hatch.

In a nutshell, growing into adults is a trophy for a ridely sea turtle. The Voice of Guanacaste spoke with the regent biologist for the Association for the Integral Development of Ostional  (ADIO) and with Rodrigo Arauz, biologist and specialist in understanding all the dangers that turtles face before reaching adulthood.