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Overdose of Art at Que Lindo Annual Fair

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On Friday afternoon, January 23rd in Samara, the third annual Que Lindo art fair was held in the Natural Center’s central premises.

The objective was not only cultural, but also solidarity as the project raised funds for projects for two of the community’s educational institutions.

In addition to food stands and pieces of art, there was live music. Shortly after 3 p.m., the opening ceremony included participation from Mareas Homeschool students, who performed three traditional dances. Later there was instrumental piano music and two guitarists at the entry gate of the premises.

Fifty exhibitors participated— 20 more than last year— and the organizers think that about 500 visitors stopped by the show. Exhibitors and vendors of clothing, handbags, jewelry, woodwork, glass, coconut, leather, bamboo, pencil sketches, acrylic and watercolor paintings and much more came too the fair.

A raffle was held with prizes donated by area businesses to raise funds for the schools. The raffle raised 70,000 colones (about $130) and entry fees netted 65,000 colones (about $120). The organizers decided to divide the prize money in equal parts for the two art projects presented, so everyone ended up as winners.

Two art projects were presented. CREAR, the nonprofit organization in charge of creativity, art and social responsibility, was one of the institutions that presented their project: to make a third mural on one of the walls of the community hall.

“The hall already has two murals created by children,” related Andrea Keith, on behalf of CREAR, “one based on the meaning of happiness and the other with materials like eggs and paint.” The organization CREAR also contributed to the fair with a space where children had the opportunity to draw, paint and entertain themselves making a collage.

The project presented by Samara Pacific School consists of making an informational board on the main street.

“The plan is to make a 3-meter by 3-meter mural of Durloc and frame it with shells, stones, seeds and glass. Those responsible for making the mural will be parents, students and high school students,” said Nicole Neukirch Buchbinder, founder and teacher at the bilingual school.

Lavae Aldrich, one of the leaders of the organization, said she felt “great excitement for the commitment assumed by the community and for the creativity contributed by everyone.”

It was 7 p.m. when the fair came to its end, while some still continued buying artwork from local artists, others took advantage of the opportunity to dine on tortillas with cheese and ice cream or to talk to the author of a book with characters from Samara.

And if for some reason you could not participate in the Que Lindo annual fair, every Friday afternoon there is a smaller version in the same location with the same magic.