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PANI Investigates Drowning of Two Children in Quebrada Honda

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The National Patronage of Infancy (PANI) and the Organism of Judicial Investigation (OIJ) are investigating conditions related to the drowning of two children, last names Torres Perez, in Sonzapote River in Quebrada Honda of Nicoya.

A day of celebration turned into a day of tragedy on Wednesday, December 11. The family was preparing to celebrate the children’s graduation and the kids wanted to go to the river with their cousins, related Omar Chavarria, Nicoya police chief. First, the 6-year-old started to drown in a deep pool known as El Chorrón. Then the 10-year-old tried to save the younger child but also ended up drowning. By the time anyone else noticed, it was too late. Chavarria reported that the children did not know how to swim and that PANI was investigating the matter allegedly because the relative who was supervising the children has a mental disability.

The psychosocial team of PANI’s Nicoya office is “evaluating elements of risk with other minor children within the nuclear family in order to give the adults in charge due warning,” according to Rebeca Francis Ruiz, coordinator of the PANI office in Nicoya.