Pavement Coming in Stretches from Nosara to Esperanza

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First a stretch of 900 meters was paved in downtown Nosara in December (originally intended to be two kilometers); now an agreement has been made to pave 13 kilometers from Nosara to Esperanza…. and someday the long promised pavement of the entire 28 kilometers from Nosara to Samara just might finally become a reality.

On February 21, Minister of Public Works and Transportation Pedro Castro met with Legislator Luis Antonio Aiza, Nicoya Mayor Marco Jimenez and Nosara Syndic Marcos Avila in San Jose, and they reached an agreement to purchase asphalt materials and to raise the base of the road in order to pave up to13 kilometers.

Avila, who also serves as president of ADIN, explained that the budget is for 13 kilometers, but depending on actual costs he estimates that they will be able to pave between 10 and 13 kilometers.

“The positivity of this new minister is incredible. He says he wants to see actions, not promises,” commented Avila. Avila explained that the Minister also worked under former President Oscar Arias’ government, so he is already familiar with the project and how problematic it is. “It’s one of the most transited gravel roads,” Avila affirmed.

The planned trajectory for pavement is from Rancho Tico to La Casona restaurant, from the EBAIS clinic going around to Los Arenales up to the entrance of Santa Marta and later the remaining budget will be used to pave from the entrance of Santa Marta as far as possible towards Esperanza. The project will also involve addressing the issue of flooding near the gas station by eliminating the small bridge there and instead putting in two tubes, according to Avila.

Avila indicated that work is beginning in the Los Arenales neighborhood where the dust problem is most serious, affecting the health of many who live there. Work began on February 23 to widen the road and make ditches, curbs and gutters in preparation for pavement in Los Arenales, initiated by the recently formed Development Committee of the Los Arenales Neighborhood (CODEBAR).

“The neighbors are giving the rights of way voluntarily,” Avila noted.

In addition, approval was given by the Minister to improve the Las Flores-Rio Montaña road, including construction of a bridge there, along with a bridge for the Mala Noche creek, according to the ADIN Facebook page.

The project will be a collaborative effort between the community, the municipality, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) and the National Roadway Council (CONAVI).