“Perhaps We Have Made Mistakes, but Never with Money Transactions” – Marcos Avila

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With 107 votes in his favor, on July 19, businessman Marcos Avila was reelected president of the board of directors of the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN – Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), for a new term of two years. The Voice of Guanacasteinterviewed the president minutes after the votes were tallied. He expressed his satisfaction with his management.

In another interview, you had told me that you were not willing to be reelected. Why did you change your opinion now?

It was due to the motivation and support of the community regarding the initiative [to form] a Municipal District Council. We spoke with different community entities, different organizations, and an agreement was simply reached to build on that strong support and tirelessly pursue this project. That was the last reason for me to accept reelection.

Did you think people would support you again in this election?

No! Nothing can be predicted in this, because it’s the assembly is who decides and not the board of directors, and in the end [the assembly] has the last word.

During your speech, you made it clear that the president’s job means sacrificing more than what you get from it; you even mentioned your small salary. Why desire continuing to fill this position?

What I want is to expend ourselves on a key point at this time: the Municipal Council. We are going to tirelessly pursue the project, give our strongest possible effort to achieve it. This is the issue that motivates me most.

In addition to the Municipal Council, what would be three other important projects for the next years?

The district’s police station, the SINEM music school and the child care facility.

And in the short term?

In the short term, the second phase of the multipurpose hall, the child care facility project and the Nosara dike, which is about to enter the second stage.

You also said in your speech that people have a perception that all of the members of the board are corrupt. Why do you believe that people think that?

If we look at the comments on Facebook, what we’ve been told, it comes from people who have just recently joined an association; they’re people who have never been in an association, so they think that the association is a bank. But they are people who don’t know how these organizations work.

Do you think ADIN has made mistakes?

No one in life is perfect. Maybe we have made mistakes in writing up documents wrong or in bad information, but never with money transactions. We have an accountant who controls that very well; we are very closely monitored.

You also said in your speech that you will work to recover the green zones from the American Project. Shouldn’t that be the Municipality’s job and not ADIN’s?

That is correct. What ADIN is doing is pressuring the Municipality to recover the green zones and work together on projects. INVU says that those areas should be green areas or communal zones, so a playground, child care facility, or police station could be built.

There are residents who say that ADIN promised to invest profits from the Nosara fiestas in road repairs and pavement but that they never did that.

In no work plan – not the first, second or third year – does it say that the money from the fiestas will be used for pavement. Never! Those are very big costs, so I can give you the four-year work plan, so you can see that no plan mentions it. It mentions asphalt projects in conjunction with MOPT and CONAVI, but never designating funds from the fiestas.

Are you happy with your work over the past four years?

Of course. I think we haven’t disappointed people, nor are we going to disappoint them.