Playa Garza Celebrated Christmas with 200 Children

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Playa Grarza held a Christmas festival for the children from the neighborhoods of Delicias, Guiones, Garza, Esperanza and Nosara. The organizers prepared cakes and food, hung seven piñatas – each for a group of kids from certain age groups – and gave them gifts.

In addition to satisfying stomachs with good food, the spirit of the old and young was nurtured by face painting, which was done for every one of the almost 200 children, along with their parents.

The event was made possible by the collaboration of several members of the community, who dedicated their time and energy to its organization and attention to the children. In addition, various companies from the area supported the activity, such as Surfing Nosara, Coconut Harrys, Playa Bike, Limo Dan, Sunset Shack, Tierra Magnifica, Campesino Bistro Bar, Nosara Paradies Rental, Super Aray, Surf Simply, Cerratour, Dream Starter, and Hotel Playa Garza.

With this event, their hope was to not only give them food, cakes, gifts and piñatas but also that the children would experience the harmony, peace and love that is typical of the season.