Playa Garza Raises its First Blue Flag

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With pride and joy, the residents of the community of Playa Garza observed the raising of the first ecological blue flag on their beach.

The activity was held on May 27th and was attended by students and faculty of the school of Playa Garza and local ASADA members, neighbors, and representatives of the community’s Ecological Blue Flag Committee (CBAE).

During the official act, Dr. Emilio Cascante, committee member and vice president of the Garza Development Association, expressed gratitude and reflected on the importance and commitment involved in earning this flag for communities.

Also on behalf of the town, Jeannette Rodriguez, a resident of Garza, spoke about what all the activities that the Blue Flag Committee has organized means for the community.

Marianela Bustamante, also a member of CBAE, explained that “for the most part, the boys and girls (from the school) are the ones who are always collaborating in the activities of our committee, and we work very hand-in-hand with the school to give talks, plant trees and do cleanups in the community,” she said.

Bustamante also highlighted the essential support provided to the project by several businesses in the area, and noted that with earning the award, the work has just begun. “Our committee has received the support of several businesses, such as Hotel Harmony with whom we have worked very hand-in-hand in environmental education, Super Araya No. 4 and Constructora Garza, who we thank for their help, but we need even more support to move forward.”  

The program concluded with a presentation of awards for a drawing contest on the theme of sustainability, which was held with the children of the community. In addition, refreshments were served on almond leaves as was done in earlier times, to avoid the use of plastic utensils.