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Police Officer in Nosara Wounded with Knife

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A man injured an officer of the Nosara Public Force with a knife on Tuesday night, April 21st.

According to the news site, the wounded official was together with other colleagues responding to a case of domestic violence.

The police officer, identified as Adolfo Reyes, was stabbed twice in the back and remains under medical care in the hospital in Nicoya, although he is recovering.

While making inquiries into the case, Reyes was treacherously attacked by an individual who was arrested shortly afterwards and was identified as Eusebio Sanabria Venegas.

The case was immediately coordinated with the Public Ministry.

Sanabria Venegas was disarmed and handcuffed to be transferred to the local district attorney on Wednesday morning.

Venegas will be charged initially with attempted murder, according to reports confirmed by the Public Force.