Pool Management Workshop to Comply with Ministry of Health Will Be Given in Nosara

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If you have a public pool in the Nosara area, we recommend paying attention to the Pool Maintenance workshop being organized by the owners of Hotel Giardino Tropicale.

According to the Regulation on Public Swimming Pool Management in Costa Rica (Reglamento Sobre Manejo de Piscinas Publicas de Costa Rica), the only people authorized to operate a pool for public use — like a school or athletic center swimming pool— or for restricted use—  such as pools of hotels, restaurants, etc. —  is someone certified by a training course given by or accredited by INA (National Learning Institute – Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje) or by a public or private entity recognized by CONESUP or CONARE accordingly.

Those pools that do not have this certification will be fined by the Ministry of Health, the entity that has been monitoring pools in the canton of Nicoya for less than a year. The Voice of Guanacaste already reported in January of 2014 that the now former Minister of Health, Daisy Corrales, issued an order to close those public pools that do not meet the requirements of the Regulation on Public Swimming Pool Management temporarily if changes are not made soon. Unlike the health inspections conducted earlier this year, which were focused on the construction of the pool, now the inspections are about the maintenance that they are given.

According to organizers Marcel and Myriam Shaerer, “This course should be taken by any business that has accommodations like hotels, bed & breakfasts, surf schools, restaurants and bars with pools since these are declared semi-public swimming pools.”

The course will last 22 days, scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and can be taken by anyone who has attended school through sixth grade. It will be directed by FONT company, which is authorized by INA. INA is the institution that will issue the certificates in order to comply with the established regulations.

Workshops given by INA have no cost. However, room and board must be provided to the teacher during those 22 days, so that Shaerers are asking for the cooperation of the people or businesses that will participate in the course. The start date is not yet confirmed but is expected to be during the month of September. For the FONT company to send their instructor, those interested have time until August 15 to confirm. You can call 2682-4000 or 2682-0258, or send an email to [email protected]. The minimum enrollment to give the workshop is 15 people and there are 8 spaces available. To view the Regulation on Public Swimming Pool Management, click here.