President Solis Commits to Nosara-Samara Route Maintenance

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The President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, visited Nosara this morning and told residents he is committed to providing maintenance for route 160, which connects Nicoya and Nosara.

The chief executive arrived at 7:30 a.m. at the Nosara landing strip to meet with Nosarans at the community meeting hall. Some 500 residents were present, along with communal leaders from the Nosara Development Association and the chief of the Public Force, Juan José Andrade.

Although Solis admitted that building a highway will not be an easy job, he assured the audience that the first phase will be maintenance and that immediate intervention is already underway on the route, which will cost ₡150 million ($278,000). The work will begin in the coming weeks, before the months with strong rains begin.

“It’s not an easy project, but we want to do it well. Minister Segnini came yesterday (Tuesday) and viewed the whole highway; he estimated that it will cost $60 million to build the highway, and we can’t find the money overnight,” explained Solis.

Solis also said that he would visit Nosara next year, to follow up on the road’s maintenance.

In addition, the president stated that he would support Nosara having its own Municipal Council and separating from the Municipality of Nicoya.

“The formation of a district council would meet Nosara’s needs and make project management more practical – you have my support,” said President Solis.

The mayor of the Municipality of Nicoya, Marcos Jimenez, was also present for the meeting, with the regional director of the Public Force for Guanacaste, Rigoberto Rodriguez.