Progress for Central Samara Is Only 100 Signatures Away

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Since 2013, central Samara Beach has been looking into creating its own integral development association, and it seems that the possibility of achieving it is close: January 23 and 24, 2016 in the community hall.


The National Community Development Administration (DINADECO- Direccion Nacional de Desarrollo de la Comunidad), the institution that oversees the country’s development associations, authorized holding a general assembly on January Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th to form the association.


Why is it so important that Samara center has its own development association? Because residents and businesses lose out on the possibility of accessing public funds to finance projects needed in the community.


Nothing has gone to Samara in all of these years because of not exercising our right to form a development association in Samara Beach,” said Spanish businessman and Samara resident Xavi Palomar.


In November of 2013, a meeting was held with about 20 community members and a committee was formed to take the lead in raising funds to pay the legal costs of setting up an association. This committee has been working for two years to collect signatures of future members, hold fundraising events, do trainings with DINADECO and draft by-laws.


To join, people must be at least 12 years old, live within the borders of the association and be Costa Ricans by birth or foreigners with residency up to date. Foreigners who do not have legal residency can be appointed as honorary members, in which case they can work with the association but cannot vote. To be on the association’s board, the minimum age is 18.

Now is when we need to show that we love Samara and that its progress is important to us. This is the appropriate legal instrument. If we want a clean beach, better access, more security, financing for new projects, this is the channel,” Palomar said in a communication sent in December.