Projects for Santa Cruz’s Youth Have Been Waiting Years for Funds

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The Cantonal Young Person’s Committee (in Spanish, CCPJ) in La Cruz has a nearly ¢14 million surplus accumulated since last year.


Even though the amount was assigned by the National Youth Council (in Spanish, CPJ), its use was never authorized by the Municipality of Santa Cruz because the funds were held back in administrative processes.


This money was supposed to be invested in training young leaders in the canton.


The ex-president of the La Cruz committee, Juan Campos, alleged a lack of guidelines and low participation among group members due to their work schedules.





“The Committees (CCPJ) have to be constantly asking when they can use the funds and then travel to the Procurement Department for them to open the bidding process,” explained Campos.


He also said that they don’t have any guidelines on how to create and execute projects on a cantonal level. Nor are they sufficiently trained in how to carry out meetings to agree on work plans.


The current president of the CCPJ of La Cruz, David López, said that Castro’s project, proposed in 2016, was not concrete enough.


“The project said they were going to ‘train,’ but it doesn’t say in what, how, or when,” said López.


The new president proposes using the surplus to pay for training in entrepreneurship and sexual education for youth in La Cruz’s four districts. They are also planning on forming a folkloric dance group to represent the canton with those same funds.

With a new ¢5 million budget that they assigned to the CNPJ they’ll hold a camp at Playa Junquillal.


Projects for Youth

The CCPJ throughout Guanacaste plan on investing the surplus or new funds in areas far from the canton’s central districts. The Voice of Guanacaste has done a survey of all the projects that the committees will carry out this year: