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Proudly Presenting The Voice of Guanacaste

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In life, change is inevitable. Change can be good or bad, and which it is depends much on how it is embraced. For ten years, The Voice of Nosara has been the local newspaper serving the Nosara area, but in the past few years it has also become the local newspaper of other communities such as Garza, Ostional, Samara and Nicoya. We believe other communities in Guanacaste also need a medium that truly recognizes their voices and informs about what they care about. On that note, we are proud to introduce with this issue The Voice of Guanacaste, or simply The Voice—your Voice.    

With this change, we want to assure our loyal readers in Nosara that this is still your newspaper. That has not and will not change. We will continue to provide strong coverage of what is happening in Nosara, and we will continue to invite you to be a part of that. For the other communities that are now also reading The Voice, we invite you to do the same.

Embrace The Voice as your community newspaper by volunteering to write as a citizen journalist or by sending us your tips and ideas for articles. Another important way to participate in The Voice is through online social networks.  With the transformation to The Voice of Guanacaste, we are also introducing a new Facebook page (La Voz de Guanacaste), and we will be giving more emphasis to our presence on Twitter as La Voz de Guanacaste.  Your questions, comments and opinions on articles posted online generate a social interchange and debate on key issues that local politicians follow as well. It is a vital way to make your voice heard.

Other changes with the introduction of the Voice of Guanacaste include: a new website (visit, color pages and some new content, including the introduction of an editorial. This format will appear once a month in the print edition and represents not the opinion of one person but rather a collaborative effort of the editorial board, currently composed of four people.

Depending on the subject being addressed, each editorial will be prepared by at least two of our editors on a rotating basis and therefore will not indicate the name of a specific writer. We hope you will enjoy reading our editorials but also invite you to submit your own opinion on local issues as a letter or essay of up to 450 words and thus let your voice be heard.  

We encourage you to embrace these changes as we transform into the Voice of Guanacaste and continue to incorporate the voices of even more communities in the years to come.