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Public Force Confiscates 27 Cocobolo Trunks in Nicoya

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On May 20, the Nicoya Public Force detained a truck transporting 27 cocobolo (rosewood) trunks on the highway. The truck was traveling from Quiriman towards Nicoya.

Along with the truck, two men by the last names Quiros Sirias and Quiros Rodriquez were apprehended.

At the time this newspaper went to print, the source location of the wood was still unknown. However, Omar Chavarria, chief of the Nicoya Public Force, assured that an investigation was underway to determine whether there are more people involved in the crime or more wood being sold illegally.

Chavarria explained that cocobolo wood is very valuable, costly and in danger of extinction, which is why its sale is illegal.

The two men were taken to the criminal court in Santa Cruz, where on May 21 they reached a settlement that consists of paying a fine of ¢200,000 ($400) over the next year, in payments of ¢16,600 ($33.20) per month. The money will be donated to the Senior Care Home of Nicoya.

The men also had to swear they would not repeat the crime of wood trafficking, according to Santa Cruz Assistant Criminal Judge Laura Sequeira.