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Public Force Confiscates Turtle Eggs in Nicoya and Nandayure

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With the huge arribadas (landings) of sea turtles at Playa Ostional, the public force has to double their surveillance to prevent the illegal sale of turtle eggs. Recently, they confiscated some 10,000 turtle eggs in Nicoya and Nandayure.

According to Rigoberto Rodriguez, regional director of the Guanacaste Public Force, on the night of Tuesday, September 9, two subjects with more than 9,000 eggs were stopped at the Pedregal intersection in Nicoya.

At the time, the Public Force was carrying out a highway control operation and the two subjects acted suspiciously, which is why they were stopped.

When the officials ordered them to stop, the subjects attempted to flee. However, they were caught after a chase that lasted more than three kilometers, and after inspecting the vehicle, a Nissan Sentra, it was found that the trunk contained some 9,600 turtle eggs.

According to the Public Force, the two people arrested have the last names Sequeira and Matarrita and are from Puntarenas. They were carrying merchandise from Ostional.

On the same day, in the area of Bejuco de Nandayure, an adult with the last name Monge was stopped, along with a youth, who were carrying approximately 300 eggs.

All of the adults were taken to court in Sasnta Cruz, while the youth was taken to juvenile court in Nicoya.