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Public Force Seizes 180 Kilos of Seafood in Nandayure

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On Wednesday, June 12th, the Nandayure Public Force intercepted a shipment of several kilos of illegally transported seafood.

Authorities reported that the seafood was taken at night in a pickup truck with license plate number 151317 driven by a man accompanied by a woman.

Antonio Peña, head of the Nicoya office of the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA), reported that in the cooler, they found 28 kilos of shrimp, 150 kilos of queen corvina fish, 2 kilos of blue crab and a sack of 1500 pianguas (mollusks).

According to assessments made by INCOPESCA, the corvina were very small, between 20 and 23 centimeters, whereas the minimum size for human consumption is 56 centimeters.

In the case of the shrimp, they were of a species called “conchudo,” which is illegal to catch because they must be caught with a very fine trawling net that also captures other vital marine species.

Peña mentioned that the driver and the woman come from the Central Valley, and explained that unfortunately it is common for people to come to Guanacaste looking to buy large quantities of seafood at a low price.