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Public Force Seizes Barrel of “Chirrite” Liquor in Colas de Gallo de Nicoya

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On Thursday, May 26, the Nicoya Public Force raided a lab in which the contraband liquor known as “chirrite” was being produced. The find occurred in the community of Colas de Gallo de Nicoya on a farm that belongs to a man with the last name Diaz. The police action was initiated by a complaint filed by neighbors who knew of the illegal activity.

The complaint was filed on Tuesday, May 24, and public force officials decided to act at nine in the morning. Upon arriving at the scene, they found a full barrel of liquor undergoing the process of fermentation

No suspects were at the scene, though the police are continuing inquiries to find out who is responsible for the business.

Luis Antonio Mendoza, Chief of the Nicoya Public Force, said that the operation was coordinated with the Municipality of Nicoya.

Effectively, through coordinating with the municipality, today we were able to take care of this situation, in which what happened is known as a ‘removal of contraband liquor.’ There was no one there, which is why no one was arrested. But we will be following up to deal with those responsible,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza explained that the liquor was being produced in deplorable sanitary conditions that can threaten the health of its consumers.

“Chirrite” liquor is typically made using fermented juice from sugarcane, fruits or corn flour. Because it is improperly produced, it can contain toxic components, such as methanol – a substance that can cause blindness, dementia or even death, according to experts.

Mendoza said that this was an isolated incident, but that they will remain alert for any new cases that may emerge, above all in rural areas.

The colonel also said that it is important for residents to file complaints regarding this kind of activity, without fear, so that authorities can act.